Outlook Web App Light

by Jos on November 15, 2013

Outlook Web App Light version is optimized for supporting users who have vision problems or are blind and hence supports the older browsers. With this app you will be able to send and read messages, schedule meetings and appointments, and organize contacts. Nevertheless, Outlook Web App Light version must be looked for in the sign in page of Outlook.com. To switch to light version, you have to click on Options, Settings, and then on General. In the General tab, choose accessibility and under it, choose ‘Use the blind and low vision experience’ option and save. To complete the process of setting Outlook Web App Light version is, after saving, you must sign out and once more sign in.


Outlook Web App

by Jos on November 14, 2013

Outlook Web App allows you to sign into your Outlook account from almost every device that connects to Internet including; desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPhones, iPods, Android, and more. It supports all popular browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. However, depending on the device used, the Outlook Web App might require specific versions of browsers. Once this free app is set up or downloaded, you will be able to utilize every feature of Outlook mailbox. Outlook Web App for Office 365 applies to small businesses and enterprises as well as professionals and has different urls that are provided in the help center of Outlook.com.


Www.Outlook.com app

by Jos on November 13, 2013

www.Outlook.com app has been consistently updated with new features to suit every need of technological devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, mobiles, and desktop and Mac PCs. The basic purpose of the www.Outlook.com app is to help users to set up Outlook mail in their devices and enjoy the salient features of Outlook inbox. It is also helpful to find as well as view messages, work with Office documents such as Word, Excel, etc., work with various e mail accounts outside Outlook.com, manage calendars, tasks, contacts, and more. www.Outlook.com app is also used for Microsoft Office 365, with the help of SharePoint and Microsoft Lync sharing.


Www.Outlook.com Register

by Jos on November 12, 2013

Www.Outlook.com register or sign up is a quick procedure that involves just two steps. The first step is for you to access the Outlook.com page and choose the sign up option, which will take you to the second step. The second step of www.Outlook.com register is the second page that displays a form for you to fill in your particulars similar to any other registration process. However, here, it asks you to provide an alternate email address and/or phone number for the future use of 2-step verification process. Once you fill in all details of yours and accept, you are done with the www.Outlook.com register process and you will be taken to the inbox.


Www.Outlook.com Review

by Jos on November 11, 2013

This piece of www.Outlook.com review is to highlight various features of the latest launch of Microsoft, which is the Outlook.com email service. This has been the fastest growing email service that is simple and faster to use and has multiple functionalities offered from the single inbox. It supports most of the major browsers, systems, and mobiles, and has been up-to-date with technology. The fact that when you have an Outlook.com account, you can sync or upgrade every other email account of yours into this inbox has to be stated in this www.Outlook.com review. With few click functionalities, clutter-free inbox, integration with social sites, and quick browsing facility, Outlook is growing in popularity around the globe offering specific domain options to major countries.



by Jos on November 10, 2013

The link https://www.outlook.com/owa takes you to the Outlook sign in/sign up page. However, OWA here refers to Outlook Web Application, which was designed to serve the basic purpose of accessing mail from anywhere using the same functionality and UI of Outlook they are familiar with. Currently the https://www.outlook.com/owa has evolved to support all kind of browsers including the laptop, desktop, mobiles, as well as Mac computers. You are also provided with an option to sign up for Office 365 Customer Preview Enterprise or Small Business Premium for your business purposes. With OWA, you can access various tasks, contacts, documents, calendars, and more.